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4-Hour Body
" outstanding option and my default choice.
Author Tim Ferriss

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"I have been using the Bodymetrix system since 2012.  I have used it as a tool in anthropometric screening, as well as monitoring post-injury.  I am excited to explore it’s capability in measuring specific muscle groups and ratios within them, as a tool in rehab/return to play . The usability of the program has been great! I also find the Tracking features very helpful."

Graeme Poole
Vancouver Whitecaps



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The BodyMetrix System uses Ultrasound to measure both Muscle and Fat thickness to millimeter accuracy. It also calculates Total  Body Fat % along with weight distribution and BMR, all while displaying it in a simple to read, graphical format. NOTE: No special medical certification is required to use the BodyMetrix, as it is considered a non-medical grade device which works with your PC or MAC.

Below is an example when using a 3 site Formula. The BodyMetrix System offers formulas that use as few as 1 site or as many as 9 sites to calculate accurate Body Fat %.

However, being an ultrasound device the BodyMetrix system can do so much more !!!

For example scanning with the BodyMetrix allows you to directly see fat and muscle layers as shown below

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